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New Japanese tattoo of Ariana Grande and her unexpected meaning

American pop star Ariana Grande decided to use kanji, one of three Japanese writing systems, to create herself tattoo as a celebration of the release of their new single "7 Rings".

It consists of the symbols "七", which means "seven", and "輪", which translates as "circle", "ring", "wheel" or "hoop"; which, in principle, made sense.

However, not everything is so simple in the world of kanji writing. As many of their tangled Japanese followers pointed out, the two characters together actually give way to the word "shichirin& # 39; that stands for small charcoal grill, Something like this:

In order for the tattoo to accurately indicate the name of his musical work, the full script should look like this:つ の 指 輪", which is pronounced" nanantsu no yubiwa "and which actually means" seven rings. "So it is in fact in the official video of the single.

However, as curious as the anecdote, was the explanation given by Ariana Grande herself on this matter. A young woman said she decided to "eliminate"の 指"It should go right in the middle" because the tattoo is very painful, but believes that "even so it remains very good." "I would not support the tattoo with another symbol," he admitted. As for the final result, he took it with humor, arguing that "big fan of miniature barbecues".

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