Wednesday , November 20 2019
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Minister ensures availability of vaccine against yellow fever

Contrary to what the medical centers say.

The question of yellow fever vaccines is always a problem in Chile, especially in summer. This is due to the number of people who want to go on vacation to Brazil or other countries where there is a possibility of infection.

At the weekend, we told them that every medical center that provides this vaccine, said that it was not there at the moment, and that it would arrive “next week”, which was not yet done, or simply said that the doses were “reserved”.

Now the Minister of Health Paula Daza has openly declared on television that there is “no shortage of stocks” of this vaccine.

According to her, the problem is that, since they distribute it only in private, everyone has his own method. However, their statements contradict the version of medical centers, so you need to lie or be extremely ignorant, or not?

Along the way, the woman recommended that they “reconsider their trips” if they are not vaccinated, which may be a little difficult, considering that changing the passage or accommodation is not only a person in most cases, but the Full Family is not accessible to the ordinary citizen. .

Perhaps they should start with having enough stock and think in advance about the number of people traveling — data that has been repeated over the years but does not seem to have studied them.

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