Saturday , January 23 2021

Mexico 1×1 vs Argentina

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In the last game The Mexican team in 2018, several people stood out in defeat against Argentina. Among them, for example, Edson Alvarez or Victor Guzman, although his work was not enough to avoid collapse.

Jesus Crown

Without many complications in the arc, although he could not do much more to avoid the two received goals.

Jesus Duenas

Very cautious and defensive, and offensive. He was in the right field in the first half, and then changed his position because of his universality, but he did not affect the result.

Édson Álvarez

A strong man protecting the Mexicans. He appeared for a moment, traveled well and was confident in his speeches. Little by little, he gets more experience, and it can be seen in the team.

Julio Dominguez

He failed in the Argentine gol. He allowed Icardi to get and advance to the Mexican goal until he found the network. It was his only big mistake, and he was against him.

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Gerardo Arteaga

He covered the left sector well, but also made a certain contribution to the goal, because his route was ineffective to avoid it.

Eric Aguirre

The most common in El Three. This helped him to a large extent play together with Eric Gutierrez and Victor Guzman, whom he knows well from Pachuki.

Eric Gutierrez

He tried to unbalance his trench with his usual successful strikes, but they were not enough to break the Argentine system.

Victor Guzman

Of the few who played the full game and improved its version relative to last Friday. He controlled the actions, generated the plays and always looked for an imbalance, although not enough to even score a goal.

Isaac Brizuela

In the first half, he was the most versatile of the Mexican team, although he regularly fell through the last pass in search of a shot at the Argentinean goal.

Javier Aquino

It was the constant arrival of the left group, although they turned out to be insignificant, since no one was close to the goal.

Henry Martin

Of the highlights of the Mexican team for mobility and lost plays, but they regularly ran across the Argentine wall. He was always looking for ways to create danger, although he was simply left with the desire to celebrate.


Hiram Mier (by Domínguez to 45 & # 39;) In a game in which he was more in demand, he ended up in a counterattack of Argentina, which ended in a goal. Paulo Dybala was very stunned.

Jesus Gallardo (from Aquino at 45). He contributed to the Mexican attack and had the clearest chance, but in the end could not. He lacked the decision and conviction to send the ball online.

Roberto Alvarado (for Gutierrez in the 45th) Erik Gutierrez took the second half, but his strike was zero. In fact, he lost the ball, which ended with Argentina's second goal, to sentence the fight.

Luis Rodriguez (for Arteaga at 45). He did not suffer, as in the first game on Friday, but he also did not contribute to the attack.

Ángel Zaldívar (Brizuela at 62) A very small contribution from striker Chiva, who played both games in Argentina at night.

Alan Pulido (from Martin to 82 years) One who had less minutes on this matter, and as if there was no game. His contribution was zero.

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