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Madonna was left with the desire to hire Rosalia for her birthday

Madonna's birthdays are always distinguished by unforgettable. From his trip to Cuba, to celebrate his 58th birthday, the Gypsy theme party for his 57th birthday or his celebration during concerts.

August 16, 2018 was a special touch. He would have turned 60 years old, and Madonna wanted an intimate but special holiday, so on this occasion he chose Morocco. The party, which lasted until 4:00 am, was held at the Riad El Fenn hotel in Marrakech, in the style of a Berber, an ethnic group, originally from North Africa.

For the occasion, it featured Moroccan music, as Vanity Fair then issued.

But, apparently, it was not the original plan of the Madonna, since according to In an interview published by the newspaper El Mundo, he wanted to talk about his party with the Spanish city singer Rosalía.,

The translator “Like a Virgin” says that she contacted the singer “Malamente” when she was not so well known, but then the members of her working group intervened and began to make very expensive economic inquiries.

"I discovered this more than a year ago and did my best to come to Morocco for my birthday and speak for me., At that time, no one knew who I was, I thought that I was the only one who knew her, and I thought: “Oh, I found someone whom nobody knows.” I said to myself: "I will make him come." but everything became difficultWhen she and I spoke, it was a simple deal, and all I needed was her guitar player and a few palmeros; They were going to share rooms because we lived in a very small hotel. Then a manager appeared, and then an agent … they wanted to take an unusual amount of money, and then there were 36 people, and I was like, “wait, wait, what?” So he did not come“The singer expressed.

Madonna, the premiere of her new album "Madame X" this week, said that didn't know more about rosalia until she became a big star“He said to me:“ Yes, I was right, ”said the mother … who says she loves Rosalie and her ability to sound different in“ a world full of pop stars that sound the same ”.

This is not the first time that a figure reveals the high costs that are required to hire Rosalia. In March, the mayor of Valladolid Oscar Puente said in his Twitter account that he could not hire her, because he charges more than 500,000 euros. Then the singer rejected this requirement.

Thanks to a combination of urban and flamenco music, the Catalan singer has become one of the female stars in a short time. In 2018, he won two Latin Grammys for his album El mar querer, and recently, during the presentation of Goya awards, he captured his starting number.

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