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Latest Leaks Leave Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Unnoticed

Samsung marked February 20 in red on the calendar, as it is on this day that it will present its new flagships of the season – Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 E. Although this date is coming, leaks are constant and, the latter may have left Revealed Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Completely,

This was due to some "assumptions" press officers is having where we saw the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in all its glory and matched the images that were already moving a few weeks ago on OnkeaksKnown for its successful leaks in the mobile sector. And what do we see in them? At first glance, there is a double hole in the screen and three cameras in the back of the mobile phone, but there are many more.

Double hole on the screen

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 1

The hole in the screen extends to Samsung phones, and after its appearance on the Samsung Galaxy A8s, known in the international market as the Galaxy A9 Pro, it is the turn of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, where we will see not one, but Two holes for the integration of two front-facing 8 megapixel + 5 megapixel cameras,

With this screen design, baptized as Infinity Or by South Koreans, you can minimize the bevels of the phone, getting a front of 6.4 inches. Without confirmed data, it is expected that Super AMOLED screen with QHD + resolution.

Visualization also gives a lot of information about what will be on the back of the phone. This can be observed three cameras with LED flashAlthough it was said that four can be integrated, an image filtered by 91 mobile devices leaves a number in three, which will be horizontal and can be 16 MP + 16 MP + 13 MP.

Ultrasonic sensor under the screen

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 2

But the absence is also wonderful. This is the case fingerprint sensor that does not appear on the back of the mobile phoneThis suggests that rumors can be confirmed, and Samsung may release the expected fingerprint sensor under the screen in the new Galaxy S10.

This sensor will be ultrasonic, with greater accuracy than optical, and therefore safer when detecting fingerprints. This will not be the only sensor that the phone will have, as it is expected to arrive with Iris to unlock the face.

When it comes to the final mobile phone renderers, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus can also come in new colorsas in the case of the degraded, and it is expected that he will be baptized as a "white prism."

In addition to the images themselves, it is expected that the phone will be equipped with two different processors depending on the region: Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 SoC This will be accompanied by 6 GB of RAM. As for storage, the company Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus may release the long-awaited 1 TB capacity, although it still remains a mystery.

The battery will be 4000 mAh with fast chargingWhile the phone will have Android 9 Pie. The images do not allow to check whether the phone will still have a headphone jack, although, depending on the leaks, it is expected to be located below the USB-C port.

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