Tuesday , January 19 2021

La Guaira is back on the road of triumph | baseball

Pablo A. Rondon / @PablinhooAlee

Sharks of la guaira he reacted to the unfortunate moment when he entered himself and interrupted in a row five wins in a row on Tuesday, beating 9-3 – Aguilas del Zulia, the rival of the one who won in four fights that held each other.

Jorma rodriguez He again spoke out against birds of prey, sending 5-3 and bringing four passes to the plate. Also, the big league buddy premiere was Miguel Rojaswhich went from 5-1.

In the same time, Anthony Leroux achieved his first win of the current season, completing five innings and deleting four, just at the time when he was not hit for eight years, he did not run to LVBP. His record was 1-4.

The peak moment occurred in the eighth inning, when the scout defense completed a triple play in 5-54-43, first this season, after a shot from Yairo Perez.

Varguenses will tour two matches in Puerto La Cruz against the Caribes de Anzoátegui, and the predators will attempt to peck at Valencia from the ignited Neveganta del Magalliana.

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