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Koneball is looking for a country for the final, and Boca wants a title without playing

November 28, 2018 01:17

Kombol announced that the second stage of the Libertadores Cup final will be held on December 8 or 9 outside of Argentina, and immediately at least five countries appeared as options, despite the sharp rejection of Boca Juniors and the threat of them to take over the TAS.

The president of Boca Juniors, Daniel Angelici, asked Konblebol not to play, that the river plate was declassified and, consequently, the title was awarded to his club.

“Violence is not part of football, it is allowed for the purpose,” said Paraguayan President of the American Football Federation (Conmebol), Paraguayan Alejandro Dominguez, after meeting with River Plate and Boca Juniors managers to determine solutions for the Copa Libertadores.

Kombol has ruled out that Argentina is playing the second game for the title of Libertadores, which last Saturday was supposed to be canceled by an attack by fans on a bus that brought Boca Juniors staff to the Monumental State Plate.

The court considered that the country did not comply with the security conditions to celebrate this event. “We do not accept dates on the day to play in any match until it is announced by the“ Konmebola Disciplinary Court, ”Angelici said at the end of the meeting at Luca headquarters in Luka with his colleague Riverplate Rodolfo D Onofrio, and Dominguez.

During the meeting, Angelici and the club’s lawyers asked for the final suspension of the game, the disqualification of River Platt and its proclamation as a champion. They referred to subsection 1 of article 18 of the Conmelbola Disciplinary Regulations, citing violent demonstrations that jeopardize the integrity of a competing team.

Hearing accusations at Boca Juniors and the River Plate, Konmebol decided that the decisive match, which was supposed to play last Saturday at the Monumental Stadium of the River Plate, will be played outside the country from December 8 to 9. ” the announcement, President Boca, Daniel Angelici, said bluntly: “We do not participate in any game. He then added that he would follow the rules to win the Copa Libertadores without playing.

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