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Instagram: Karol G and the meaning of each tattoo on his body | A PHOTO Commerce | Tv | Farándula

In repeated interviews, Colombian singer reggaeton Karol G He explained that his body looked like a diary, and that each tattoo symbolizes the apprenticeship of everything that happened to him in life.

Karol G is surprised by revealing the details that separate her from Anuel AA in her musical tour "Culpables"

Now that he has a great relationship with a rag Anuel A.A.Also, the singer decided to record the full name of his current partner: Emmanuel Gazmeya Santiago.

Next, we will explain the meaning of each tattoo.

Your idols
Last September Karol G He decided to burn the face of his favorite artists on his body, proving that his fanaticism has no limits. In his hand he tattooed his face Selena Quintanilla, Rihanna and her.

Phrases all over the body
Karol G
he always seeks to give a message with his objects and with all that relates to his life, so he made it clear, and not forgetting that he decided to put on the body several motivational messages, such as “It will also happen”, “Overcome yourself” and “ No regrets, only lessons learned. ”

Karol G
She also loves flowers, and along her right calf decided to tattoo black roses, engraving that she shines in all her concerts.

Female power
In her right hand, the singer-reggaeton has the phrase “Girl Power”, a powerful phrase that symbolizes her struggle with the adversities she has experienced throughout her musical career. At first, he struggled with the courage of the genre and managed to gain a foothold as one of the maximum urban representatives.

Karol G
The word "Hope" ("hope" in Spanish) was tattooed on his chest, which means, as its literary meaning indicates, the expectation of a better future, which the interpreter "Guilty" has.

Karol G
also symbolizes the brand in the business aspect, and that is why the singer-reggaeton decided to tattoo his own logo on the inside of his left hand.

The singer has a tattoo with the letters AR, the initials of which belong to "her first love", as she said in an interview a few years ago, and she engraved them on her middle finger.

Family and god
On the right side of her torso, under her arm, is Carolina Giraldo Navarro, better known as Karol G The phrase was tattooed: "My family makes me human, God makes me strong." With this letter, the singer clarifies her faith.

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