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I am not connected to the clutch of Gorrin or Andrade

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Emilis Sarace / November 28, 2018. – The well-known broadcaster Luis Chataine, after the statements of his son Alejandro Andrade, decided to publish a video on his social network Facebook, where he assured that he did not want to be called a "connected" message, which he sent via Twitter five years ago.

"I will answer the two groups of people who are on social networks, the first uninformed, and others to the nerds who want to make a dirty campaign, which the only thing they are pursuing is to divide the Venezuelans," said Chataín. video

And he continued: “In the past few hours they spread a tweet that I published five years ago, where I mention Seguros La Vitalicia, and with this publication, people think that I was a subject related to maquiladoras Raúl Gorrin and Alejando Andrade, that unthinkable is impossible in my case. ”

He also expressed: "For God's sake, if there is something that no one can cross out to me, is connected."

“I think the most important thing is to note that justice is being done, although 10 years in prison is not something for the crimes committed by Andrade and what Gorrin did, we will see in the Gorrin case,” he concluded.

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