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How much did Angelica Rivera's appearance change during her stay at Pena Nieto?

After consecrating a career as one of the most important actresses in Mexico thanks to telenovelas like Simply Maria, Reach the stars II, Owner and Distilling love (who gave her the nickname "The Seagull"), Angelica Rivera She stopped to become the first lady of Mexico.

December 1, 2012 her husband Enrique Peña Nieto, which Rivera He married on November 27, 2010, became president of the United Mexican States.

Since the actress Rivera he had some memories in September of this year in the middle of the first installment of the Silver Light award for the cinematic trajectory. The first lady of Mexico said in her speech: “As an actress, I always had the desire to gain courage and recognize the work of actors and all creators of cinematography … today this idea has become reality, this award leaves a very important legacy for the recognition of our country's great trajectories "

Wife Enrique Peña Nieto He directed an emotional speech in which he highlighted the struggle for the realization of dreams. For Angelica in her case, this would have been impossible without the support of her husband, who also thanked her for her sensitivity and willingness to support art.

Thank you for your help and for your great sensitivity to the support of the art and talent that Mexico gave us, and it makes us feel so proud that you married an actress! "- said the former actress?

Watch the video to see the evolution of her appearance and style at the time when she was the first lady.

Will we be able to see it on television as soon as this stage ends?

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