Sunday , January 24 2021

Griezmann shoes in front of Uruguay

French striker Antoine Gritsmann will use special shoes in a friendly match on Tuesday between his team and the Uruguayan at the Stade de France in Paris.

In his jacket, the attacker again shows his love for Uruguay. They are painted matte with the flags of France in one of them and the Uruguayans in the other, as well as drawings in the soles.

Also in one of the shoes you can read the words “Papote”, for your friend “Papote” Gonzalez, now the physical trainer Nacional.

“A special pair for a special game for me,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Again against Uruguay

Four months after the World Cup quarter-finals, French forward Antoine Gritsmann reunited with Uruguay, the country of his heart, on Tuesday in a friendly match at Stade de France. Although this time he will not be his friend Diego Godin, the wounded or Josema Gimenez, also rejected.

At the World Championships, Griezmann did not celebrate a goal that was 2-0 against heaven. After the game, the French noted that he "respects" the Uruguayans, with whom he is close from his first professional steps.

Everything in his career brings him closer to Uruguay.

Expat in the Spanish Basque Country since the age of 14, in the ranks of the Real Sociedad, Grisot became a professional on the orders of Uruguayan Martin Lasart. And it was another Uruguay, his teammate Carlos Bueno, who took him to the gym and started him alone.

With Carlos Bueno "I started to see Penarola matches," Grizmann said in an interview. The Frenchman can sing the chants of fans of this club and is a member of aurinegro.

In the dressing room Atlético de Madrid, which he arrived in 2014, he sits next to Uruguay defenders Diego Godin and José Maria Gimenez.

Roasted and Matt

“Diego (Godín) is a great friend, I’m with him every day in the locker room or outside the field, he’s my daughter’s godfather (the quarter-finals) will be very interesting for me,” said the football player during the World Cup. Macon, in Burgundy.

“He loves what we are, our customs, is hot, our music and drinks more of a helper than I am,” God explained.

Both players and their respective wives attended a Uruguayan singer Lucas Sugo concert two years ago. “It was the best, it is sweet music, love songs (…) There are also more joyful influences from Cumbia,” said the attacker to the French newspaper L Equipe.

In contact with his coach in Atletico, Argentine Diego Simeone, Griezmann took a taste for battle in the field, for defensive tasks and victory.

“These are nationalities I love, people I love, I have a bit of their style, I don’t leave anything, I give everything away,” he added.

After winning the World Cup, Antoine Griezmann went on vacation. Later, when he returned to Atletico in Madrid, he began intensive physical training with Oscar "el Profe" Ortega, who left the players with their own languages ​​in each preseason. Of course, he is Uruguayan.

Adrien De Calan, AFP

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