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Google expands its mobile phone for iPhone and other brands | Tecnologia

Photo: archive

Photo: archive


American multinational google announced Wednesday the expansionyour google mobile phone and data service, still known as Project Fi, which includes the iPhone and most brands that work with Android.

Google’s blog entry indicated that this service is significantly cheaper than contracts with classic telephony providers when moving from network to network depending on where the user is located, available for Samsung, LG, Moto and OnePlus devices.

The iPhone version, the most amazing of all, given the competition that the company, based in Mountain View (California, USA), supports with Apple, is available in beta.

Google Fi is an alternative to traditional call and data plans, which, instead of always working through a single provider, capture a network that provides the best signal at any time.

This service is available from 2015 for users in the USA. at a much lower price than classic plans ($ 20 per month for calls and messages and $ 10 for data), but so far limited to a very small number of devices, including Google Pixel.

The networks that capture Google Fi are Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular, in addition to connecting to Wi-Fi signals when possible.


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