Thursday , January 28 2021

Fox Postulates Deadpool 2 for Best Oscars Film

Three months after the 91st edition Awards Oscar, studios continue to publish their films for advertising campaigns. The most amazing was 20th Century Fox which showed that he presented Deadpool 2 for several categories. Including the best movie.

The studio decided to bet on the continuation of the mercenary to compete in the Academy Awards, including the category that attracted the most attention: the best film.

For his part, the successful Black Panther film also applied for this award.

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It seems that the academy draws little by little for genre films, so it is possible that Deadpool 2 received at least some nomination. Among the proposals stand out, above all, those that are aimed at distribution.

What is striking is that Celine Dion nominated for best song. Among the list of considerations published by the 20th Century Fox is a nomination for best film, best director, best screenplay and best actor.

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