Thursday , January 28 2021

Fedekamaras: Attracting companies by the state is the fundamental cause of the crisis

In an interview with the program on the first page of Globoviona Larrazabal said that the economic crisis occurred when the expropriations and takeovers of companies began by the state, as they became unproductive. "This is one of the main reasons for the attack on the private class."

For Larrazabal, the statement by the executive “to make the exchange rate more flexible, to control the budget deficit, to make the policy of price control more flexible” is positive; but he said that the opposite was evident, and also "destroys the quality of life of a citizen."

“The financial deficit continued, prices were more tightly controlled, and we urge the government to listen to what the Chinese advisor said that in China, private companies are not controlled, here in Venezuela, we do the opposite.”

According to him, “the government is still trapped in the country's plan,” because they want a different type of socialist enterprise, and, he said, failed in all parts of the world.

He argued that in the Latin American region "Nicaragua and Venezuela are the only relatives, where free private initiative has been attacked, we are still trapped in ideology and populism, which are the main threat to the economy."

Larrazabal said that “the time has come for the government to understand that economic policy must change,” so he advocated a genuine social dialogue without a media show.

a source: Carabano


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