Monday , January 25 2021

Farmatodo will attend the VII National Congress of Feniadi 2018

ÚN.- National Federation of Diabetes Associations and Units, Fenadiabetes hand in hand with the Venezuelan Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Farmatodo and the Blue Warriors Association will hold a number of activities; in celebration of World Diabetes Day.

Agencies involved in raising awareness about this serious disease are undertaking activities to fulfill this mission.

From November 22 to 24 VIII National Congress of Diabetes 2018; in the clinic hall of Avila, Altamira. He will have an attractive scientific program on diabetes renewal and educational activities for patients and families.

It should be noted that the doctor Monica guzman, pharmaceutical training was so valuable to the organization due to its work in Farmatodo, which was recognized as a representative in this opportunity of the community work program and in the prevention unit, which includes pharmaceutical assistance activities and the Diabetes and Family Workshop.

Dr. Monica Guzman, pharmacist and director of institutional relations Farmacia de Farmatodo. He says that since 2011, Farmatodo has been implementing a program of social commitments, the purpose of which is to emphasize the prevention and treatment of two diseases with the highest incidence and incidence in Venezuela: diabetes and hypertension. ”

The Cuidamos Tu Salud program is managed by pharmacists who seek to support patients with diabetes and hypertension in order to improve their condition through education and adherence to their treatment. For this, he has educational talks, screening sessions and a pharmaceutical assistance service dedicated to monitoring treatment, identifying possible adverse reactions and drug interactions that patients take, always from the hands of their attending physician. They also advised on how to improve their healthy habits and lifestyle.

Farmatodo offers this comprehensive program of easy access to pharmacies for free throughout the country. The idea is to unite, prevent and educate, our main mission was emphasized by Dr. Monika Guzman.

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