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"Come play" in the final of the Libertadores, the river asks Boca

President Rivera Rodolfo D onofrio challenged his pair of Boca, Daniel Angelici, on Wednesday to stop asking for points from the suspended segment of the Libertadores Cup final due to violent incidents: “Stop the presentation of veneers (folios) and I came to play.”

“If President Boca looks at me … It ends with this, stop submitting veneers (protest to Konmebol), come to play, let's play the game, do not invent, you signed with me, you gave me your word for me and President Conmebol ( Alejandro Domínguez), I think you have a word, and they lead you to something that you don’t need to do, ”Onofrio said at a press conference in Mar del Plata (in the south).

Both clubs before the decision of the Discounter Court Konembol in Asuncion after the attacks on the fubolistas "xeneizes" when they arrived by bus on Saturday at the Estadio Monumental Riverplatense, which forced the suspension of the game. The first stage ended 2-2 at the stadium Boquense La Bombonera.

Kombolb decided on Tuesday that the rematch should be held outside of Argentina, in the country to be appointed, December 8 or 9, because the security conditions are not specified.

The basis of Angelich's argument that Konmeball disqualifies a river and give the Boke Cup is that its players were attacked.

This rule was applied against Boca and in favor of the river in the second round of the Libertadores in 2015.

At this time, river players were attacked with pepper spray in the sleeve on the court to leave a second time (0-0). Responsible was a fan, with the complicity of others. Boca lost points and was disqualified from the tournament. He lost 1-0 in the first match.

The argument of the river before the new incident, which tore the greatest Argentine superclassic of all time, is that it cannot be blamed for the attack, which took place eight streets from the stadium, in a sector where the police security device failed in an unusual way. Dozens of fans threw stones and bottles on the bus and injured the players.

For the failed police operation, the security minister of Buenos Aires, Martin Ocampo, resigned.

Оно Onofrio asks that the game will play in the monumental stadium and that the country "will show that it can be organized."

Boca said that he would not agree to play anywhere, and if they did not agree with him, he would accept a protest in the FIFA disciplinary court (TAS).

In another indirect criticism, Angelić D Оно Onofrio recalled that President Boca signed on Saturday in the presence of President Connebol Alejandro Dominguez a document in which the parties agreed to play on Sunday in Monumental. Dr. Onofrio said that Argentine President Mauricio Macri, former president of Boca Chica, wants the game to be played at the Millionaires Stadium.

“Mr. President, call President Boci and tell him that the game should be played in Argentina, we are not vandals,” said the river boss, raising his voice, reflecting his emotional state.

The time of the legal labyrinth, in which the scandalous end was found, is inconvenient, because the champion Libertadores is to play on December 18th his first match in the World Cup in Japan.

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