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Cardy B almost crashed the plane!

Cardi b this week he experienced one of the worst moments of his life since he almost suffers from plane crash on a private jet while i was walking Los Angeles up New York for a quick visit to the city, and showed everything through twitter with a message that worried all his fans.

Rapper with his team they had to land after the accident with the pilot of the plane, who felt unwell with severe pains in the abdomen during the flight, and therefore he decided not to continue the trip. Cardi b stayed trapped for a while Chicago while they were solving the problem, and he wrote the following message on Twitter.

“I’m stuck in Chicago, we had to land in an emergency, I’m going to tell you something, I won’t be traveling on private jets anymore, this kind of shit doesn’t happen in Delta,” Cardi wrote

The artist was really very unhappy with the service of the company that touched and shot her rudeness. We do not know if this star knew at the moment about the real cause of the landing, but this was not foreseen by the company, because it was something that is related to health, which cannot be predicted.

Fortunately, it was just a scare rapper who was really very afraid of what happened, now everything is going well and Cardi b She is still focused on her new projects, as well as the reason for her life, her daughter KultureRecently, the singer spoke about her new conquest, reaching buy the mansion of your dreams for your mom, making a tour of the interior of the property and thanking for this new achievement. Cardi b Despite the strong character that we can perceive, he has a big heart.

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