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Brian Johnson (AC / DC) confirms his presence on the new album, "tired of denying it"

January 30, 2019 10:26
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As indicated by all the rumors, the vocalist Brian johnson confirmed that it will be on the new album AC / DC,

photos that are posted Brian drummer Phil Rudd and guitarists Angus and Stevie Young On the outskirts of Warehouse studio in Vancouver, we were all warned that the Australians are working on a new album. The vocalist himself confirmed, in a somewhat unusual channel, his return to training after overcoming the problems that forced him to leave his place. Axl Rose in the last round. The tour that will definitely be the last for the bass player Cliff williams,

Although there is no official information about this, Johnson would have released a hare at the beginning of the week when he encountered Terrorizer, group grindkor, at the airport near their home Sarasota, FL, Group Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel) posted on their networks: "We met at the airport with Brian Johnson from AC / DC when we got home, and we asked him about rumors about his return to the new album, and he said yes, and that he was" tired of denying it. It was a fantastic surprise to finish the tour. ",

The album that Angus wants to dedicate to the memory of his brother, Malcolm Youngwhose records they may attend In the new songs, as other sources have commented, it seems that everything is getting closer, Brian and Phil Rudd again in the lineup.

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