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Bottle or can? It changes the taste of your favorite drink.

MEXICO CITY.- Despite the efforts of beverage companies to produce their products keep your original taste Despite the packaging in which they are sold, a soft drink in a glass, plastic or aluminum bottle changes perception. But is it a matter of perception or is taste really different?

According to the article on food chemistry of Sarah Rish, published in the journal Popular Science, it is quite possible that the taste is really different. This is due to the fact that packaging materials react differently to the drink, according to the portal Food & Wine.

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For example, a polymer that coats aluminum cans can absorb small amounts of soluble flavoring in a soft drink; this coating is designed to prevent contamination of the metal by the drink.

Despite this, the tongue is very sensitive to the taste of the metal, and when opening the can, it is possible that the metallic flavor is present more.

On the opposite side of the scale, PET bottles contain bisphenol, which can be mixed with a liquid, although this pollution is minimal, since it is regulated by the government, it is enough to change the taste.

A note from Business Insider, a member of the American Chemical Association, Rick Sackleben, explains that carbonation is another factor that changes the taste of soft drinks, because some materials retain CO2 better than others.

Both glass and metal have a compact structure, due to which very little CO2 is released, which allows the bubble to remain longer, and the plastic allows it to penetrate more, so that the drink becomes flat with greater speed.

Other factors that can change the taste of the drink: temperature and light,

Light causes chemical reactions in some elements of the drink, and many of its taste compounds are thin molecules, so long-term exposure to light changes its taste.

It is also easier for you to feel the difference in taste if you regularly drink non-alcoholic beverages. But, like everything, at the end of the day there is no better packaging than the other, it’s just a matter of taste.

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