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75% of Venezuelans demand unity in opposition

November 28, 2018 01:15

Front Amplio Venezuela Libre on Monday submitted a proposal for a unitary struggle for the transitional government and the restitution of Venezuela and demanded that opposition leaders live until the country lives. The same is required of seven out of ten Venezuelans, who demand that the articulation and orientation of opposition parties face a crisis, says the Hercon questionnaire.

Political analyst Luis Salamanca noted that there is no political leadership that would meet the demand of the country. He believes that Venezuelans are orphaned leadership. “Neither the government controls, nor the opposition favors,” he said.

In his opinion, the leadership does not convey direction and does not have the ability to move. “The opposition has lost the ability to be the engine of political change; what they did was break up. There is no driving crisis, strategy and general message, ”he said.

“After May 20, they offered a larger offensive, but what happened was Balkanization,” said Salamanca. He pointed out that there is a “social catastrophe” that people want to face democratically, but parties capable of contributing to political change provide disparate answers.

This opinion coincides with the study of Hercon Consultores. Its director Marcos Hernandez Lopez explained that 77% of citizens are expecting a change of government or transition. However, 48% believe that, although the opposition is not united and does not have a consistent discourse, this will not be possible.

He clarified that opponents and those who do not participate in any of the parties, expect more articulation of political organizations that have integrated or have not compiled a table. He believes that the presentation of the Front Amplio manifesto on Monday is “a good intention to unite political sectors to oppose the Maduro government, but it is necessary that this proposal be contained in plans C, D and E society, representing 75% of the population, so that people act and join to them.

The Crisis Group report on the Venezuelan opposition points out that reunification is complicated by the increasingly complex relationship between opposition leaders in Venezuela and those in exile.

“Surveys show that Broad Front has so far been viewed simply as an expanded version of the MUD, and some leaders recognize that internal relations between civil society representatives and opposition parties have been difficult. None of them fully trusts the other, ”the report says.

Political analyst Angel Alvarez believes that Front Amplio is "harmless." He doubts that the actions carried out in this case have consequences, since the strategy (selective or insurgent) does not have structures and resources to be executed. He argued that the influence and importance of this coalition is very low.

“The opposition is purely declarative in nature, since the center of gravity of power is not in institutions or in society, but in international factors and in the armed sectors of the country,” he said. He noted that it is these sectors that can make decisions that lead to change; However, Salamanca believes that the opposition should formulate and represent a unitary and street strategy to demand elections with minimal competitive conditions in the face of current conditions and the inauguration of Nicolas Maduro on January 10, which is carried out without international recognition and ignorance of a part of the country.

“The opposition has lost its characteristic, being the engine of political change. What they did was sold out. There is a driving crisis, there is no strategy and a general message "

Luis Salamanca,
political scientist

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