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When he becomes King? | Royal | News

He is not living far from Buckingham Palace. But it has emerged. And some suspect they may be less than thrilled.

The 70th birthday, the Duke of Wales, who has just celebrated his birthday

Hey of the Cornwall, Duchess of Cornwall, will pack their bags.

A Clarence House spokesman told The Star Online: “Buckingham Palace will be his queen residence.”

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Charles and Camilla have lived in Clarence House for 15 years.

His son, William and Harry, lived together with their families.

There is a lot of peace and comfort.

A source previously told the Sunday Times: “It’s not a problem.”

“He feels its upkeep, it’s not sustainable, it’s not sustainable.”

Charles isn’t the royal whoever feels less than fond of the “big house.”

Philip is married in 1947, they too lived in Clarence House.

According to the Royal Historians, they stay in their homeland rather than relocate to the Buckingham Palace.

However, the King consort was overthrown.

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“Buckingham Palace” is a “constitutional monarchy”.

It is a peace in the world where it is celebrated.

To separate the monarchy from Buckingham Palace wouldn’t go down too well, given the history.

Crowding breaking tradition.

Mrs. Philip could have been a princess from marriage misery

He added:

He said: “He will be taken to the throne,” he said.

“However, I think it’s possible

“Clarence House has been for 15 years now. They have made it homely and are comfortable. Who wants to move from their perfect home, especially at their time of life?

“I certainly wouldn’t be against it.”

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