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What Kanye West's new album says about his mental health

Kanye West, as you know, is a little crazy. He will often do or say disgusting things. His mental health was a problem for those who were with him for a while. But some point to his new album as a warning sign. That's what bothers people about the famous YE.

Kanye West New Album "Jesus the King"

Kanye West takes part in the gala concert of the 36th annual night of the stars of the SPF.
Kanye West | Jared Siskin / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

West has been holding a Sunday service for some time, so it’s not surprising that his new album is called Jesus kingor that all tracks have names like Sweet jesus baptized, and Across the valley Recently, the West has fully accepted religion. And when the West accepts something, it goes all the way.

Check out his comments last year about Donald Trump and Slavery. West made several statements that angered many people and really pushed him away. But instead of backing down, apologizing, or even trying to explain, West buried in his heels and accepted him completely. When he is tuned in to something, the West really takes it to the extreme. Some may even say that he is becoming obsessed.

And now, it seems that the West has taken its extreme personality and applied it to religion. In a recent video, you can see members of the Sunday service shouting his name — as if they were there to worship, not God. According to Waibe, one user on Twitter expressed a good opinion in the comments: “This is not about God or the church, and it’s sad to testify.”

Another made a similar statement, indicating that the West behaves as a person with a complex of saviors. "Kanye thought he was Moses."

Kanye West has mental health problems

It is no secret that the West was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In fact, this is what he celebrates and often talks about. On his album YOUThe West even called it their "superpower."

On the one hand, it is surprising for the West to accept his diagnosis. We need people to talk about the difficulties that bipolar people face, because it helps us get rid of stereotypes and encourages others who can fight the same. However, the West does not always act in the most mature way, and some are wondering if it does more harm to the movement than good.

According to BuzzFeed, the use of the word “superpower” by the West to describe bipolarity is worrying. As they pointed out, this may discourage some from seeking treatment. The maxima of bipolar disorder may feel good, but this should not be construed as something that is always good. Those who suffer from bipolar disorder need to seek professional treatment to achieve the best results.

Single user on Twitter, they explained the situation very well: "It's funny that bipolar disorder is actually a really serious and terrible disorder, but everyone quotes Kanye as if it was something fashionable and cool."

Some are worried about Kanye West's upcoming tour

Since he just released a new album, West is likely to set out on a tour soon to promote Jesus kingHowever, there are some concerns about his ability to handle the tour right now, especially from his wife: Kim Kardashian.

A source told People about Kardashian's problems. “Kim supports the tour, but he still has problems,” the source said. “She doesn’t want him to go crazy and do intensive tours without interruptions. She wants him to focus on his health and mental health. ”

In 2016, the West could take this advice. In the end, he canceled his tour of St. Pablo with 21 unplayed shows. At that time, there were rumors that he was struggling with a mental disorder. West was hospitalized for dehydration and exhaustion right after cancellation, but some think it was something more.

The West seems to be doing everything to the extreme. If he ends up leaving on tour again, there is definitely a concern that he could break down. The Kardashian Council seems plausible. West needs someone on tour to remind him to slow down before he breaks

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