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The endless scene of the war after the credits – BGR

Captain marvel will be released on March 8, which means that in the coming weeks we will see more and more TV spots and teasers, and then – an avalanche of interviews with all the stars of the film. Just a few days ago, I told you that Marvel boss Kevin Fage said that the captain of Marvel would lead the Avengers in the future, during one of my favorite games. Glassbut, unfortunately, I can not find it on the Internet. And now I will show you a new revelation from Captain marvelthat gives a huge bow Endless war and endgame,

Captain Marvel was first (sort of) introduced to the scene after the captions. Endless war when Nick Fury brought out the hero right before he turned into ashes. Coming out of the cinema, I had a lot of questions about this particular moment. Why pager? How long does Fury stick with this technology of aging? Why did he not use him before to ask for help from Captain Marvel? Where is she still on Earth? Is it an intergalactic pager?

These questions still stand, but there is at least one theory that says that Nick Fury was waiting for this particular moment. And that's why he called Captain Marvel when he did. Captain marvel I will explain everything in March, and now we have the frames to prove it.

The following video contains a collection of TV commercials and commercials that enter international markets, through ComicsIncluding the place from Russia, where the pager is represented significantly. The key part starts about 23 seconds:

I do not speak Russian fluently, but I guess it was said during these paging exchanges:

Captain Marvel: Is this some kind of portable communicator? Say, like an iPhone XS or Galaxy S10? It is too early for those. But I can travel in time, you know?

Nick Fury: I don't know what you just said, this is a modern pager. Imagine: someone has to grab me, boom, they send the text, and I'll call them right away. You can shoot photons from your hands, but you don't have a pager? How do you guys talk to each other?

Captain Marvel: Hey, give me this pager right now. First of all, I hate hacking public phones. Secondly, you can only use it once. Say, an alien force, let's call it Thanos, wipes half of the universe in one motion, and you need to take me in hand to help the Avengers team that you are going to create and develop in the next 10 years for 20 years. I need one of these kids so you can get in touch. And I will answer only if you manage to display my logo on the screen.

This is probably the essence of it. Although, again, I do not speak Russian.

In all seriousness, this scene is quite important for the film, as it lays down the next stage of the relationship between Fury and Captain Marvel. She is clearly ready to help Fury if he needs help, and therefore she asks for a pager. It is highly likely that she will receive this disaster message in 2018, as soon as a break occurs, and will come to help the remaining Avengers in endgame,

Here is a glance at this pager of the 90s, which Fury gives to captain Marvel:

Image source: YouTube

But the pager that Fury uses in 2018 to send her a distress call:

Image source: YouTube

Endless war The pager looks like a modernized homemade pager, which Captain Marvel conceived back in the 90s, a device that could provide intergalactic two-way communication between them. It is also a device that can display colors, a device that does not require AA batteries, and which, obviously, is powered by some advanced alien technology. It should look the same. Or is it, or is she still pumping the old one, in that case, how does she keep it charged?

Image source: Marvel Studios

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