Monday , November 18 2019
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Sony increases cloud storage for PS Plus users up to 100 GB

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Sony has just announced the PlayStation Plus gaming lineup for February, and this is quite a strong month, all things considered. However, this is not the only thing that the owner of the platform could say about his premium service today – it also showed positive changes in the offer of cloud storage.

Until now, PS Plus members have been able to upload their saved data to the cloud, which allows them to continue working in another system after logging in. Although this is a handy feature, the 10 GB limit now seems insignificant. At one time, Sony has just announced that since "beginning of February" the amount of cloud storage space has increased to 100 GB, which is ten times the current volume.

This may be part of Sony’s plans to make changes to the service after PS3 and Vita games are no longer offered every month. Anyway, this is good news, and it should mean that you have enough space in the cloud so that your rescuers can move forward. Are you satisfied with this change in PS Plus cloud storage? Upload your thoughts in the comments below.

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