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Shooting at the St. Louis Police: Prosecutor says officials interfered with the investigation into the alleged murder of Russian roulette

A letter sent on Monday to St. Louis Police Commissioner John Hayden and Public Security Director Jimmy Edwards, Kimberley M. Gardner, the district attorney, said that Kathleen Alix may have been the cause of the killing by drugs or alcohol. year old policeman.

Police officer Nathaniel Hendren, 29, fatally shot Alix at his residence on Thursday after two men allegedly took turns holding a single-shot revolver and pulling the trigger, police said. Deadly gambling is sometimes called Russian roulette.

Hendren was charged with first-degree manslaughter and an armed criminal act related to the death of a police officer.

Despite the probable cause, Gardner wrote that prosecutors were not allowed to take a blood test of Hendren, and there was an unnamed duty officer. They were later told that a urine test and a breath test, which are less accurate than a blood test, were conducted in accordance with the rights of Garritty. These are warnings that civil servants have the right to remain silent.
Nathaniel Hendren faces an unintentional homicide on first-degree charges.

“Using these tests under the cover of Garrti looks like obstructionist tactics that do not allow us to understand the state of the officers at the time of committing this alleged crime,” Gardner writes in a letter.

The district attorney said that the police first told investigators that the shooting was an “accident” and also described it as “improper handling” of a firearm.

Gardner's letter called such conclusions alarming.

“In my opinion, it is completely inappropriate for investigators to approach a crime scene at the beginning of an investigation with a pre-prepared conclusion about the possible outcome of the case,” she wrote. “This is especially unpleasant, given that the investigative unit of the Force is obliged to conduct objective investigations of shootings with the participation of officers.”

“I understand that you need to quickly disseminate information about cases of shooting involving officers, but marking any criminal incident as an accident before a full investigation is a violation of our duty as objective investigators.”

The Gardner office said it was conducting an independent investigation into the shooting. Police did not immediately respond to CNN requests for comment.

Lawyer says shooting was an accident

A strictly worded letter raises more questions in this case and comes a few days after Hendren’s lawyer described him as nothing more than an accident.

“We know of rumors, understatements and obscene rumors about the accidental death of officer Kathleen Alix,” said attorney Talmadge E. Newton IV. "There is no evidence, and never will be, that it was more than a tragic accident."

Alix was not in service during the shooting last week, and Hendren was on duty, according to the rationale for the probable cause of the charge.

A St. Louis police lawyer accused of killing a fellow officer asks to stop rumors

The statement says that Alix, Hendren and Hendren's partner were playing with weapons when Hendren was producing a revolver. The statement said that Hendren freed the bullets from the revolver and inserted one of the bullets back into the pistol, turned the cylinder and fired a pistol directed away from Alix. The gun is not dead.

Alix took the gun and pulled the trigger, pointing to Hendren, but he did not fire, the statement said. Hendren snatched the gun from Alix, pulled the trigger, and this time he fired, striking Alix in the chest, the document says. She was taken to hospital and was declared dead soon after her arrival.

The third officer at the scene of the incident was not identified. According to the rationale for a possible reason, he advised Alix and Hendren not to play with weapons and left the room. He came back after hearing a shot.

Hendren was taken into custody on Monday, and a photograph of the reservation shows him with a black eye.

In the first report of the shooting, the police reported that the death was accidental and occurred when an unnamed officer "handled the wrong" weapons when they were sitting in the living room.

Alix served two years, the police department said. She leaves her husband, her parents and sister among other family members.

Her family hired lawyer Scott Rosenblum.

“I was hired by the Alix family to make sure the investigation was thorough and correct,” Rosenblum said. “We will obviously consider whether there are any civil remedies that they can use. Right now their main task is to make sure that the investigation is thorough and correct. ”

CNN's Marlena Baldacci and Artemis Moshtagyan contributed to this report.

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