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Republicans are blocking a second attempt by Flack, Koons to defend Robert Muller

SOn Wednesday, Republicans blocked a second attempt to quickly pass legislation to protect ad hoc lawyer Robert Muller from President Trump’s dismissal without reason.

Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., Chris Kuuns, D-Del. And Corey Booker, D-N.J., Pushed the Senate to adopt their legislation by unanimous agreement. They and other senators fear that Trump may be on the verge of dismissing Muller while he is still in the process of investigating Trump’s alleged ties with Russia.

The bill will codify the current rules of the Department of Justice, which say that a special lawyer cannot be removed without good reason.

But Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, blocked the move, as did the North Atlantic Alliance leader Mitch McConnell on November 14. Without unanimous consent, the Senate must complete a regular order, and McConnell made it clear that he would not invoke the bill in this way.

McConnell said late Tuesday that Republicans are blocking this effort, saying there is no indication that Trump is going to move to Muller.

“The president is not going to shoot Bob Muller, and I don’t think he should, and I don’t think he is allowed to finish,” McConnell said. “We have a lot to do to end this year without taking votes for something that is completely irrelevant to the results.”

But it’s not entirely clear what the Republicans will do on Wednesday, since on Thursday morning, Hugh Hewitt’s radio program on Hugh Hewitt’s radio station says McConnell can allow the resolution to come to his word to reassure Flack, who refuses to support the candidacy of judges to get vote on the Muller bill.

The Senate Judicial Committee, headed by the Republican Party, approved the bill last spring, which would force Trump to dismiss Muller in a two-party vote of 14-7 votes. Flake and others have insisted on this over the past few weeks, especially after the exile of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which may be a sign that Trump will be Muller’s next target.

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, Trump's well-known ally, is now responsible for overseeing Muller’s investigation.

Despite the support of some GOP legislators, McConnell said the bill is unconstitutional.

On Wednesday, Coons told MSNBC "Morning Joe" that McConnell is working to protect Trump by blocking legislation.

“I think that, frankly, in the end, leader McConnell received assurances from the president that he would not act against Muller, but these assurances are undermined every day when President Trump and tweets wrongly criticize Robert Muller and his investigation and makes other things that are unexpected or unconventional or unsubstantiated, ”said Koons.

The Coons stated that there are currently no plans to link Muller’s bill with binding legislation, such as the expenditure bill, which must pass next Friday in order not to close the ranks of the government.

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