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Philippe Rivers is over, and chargers should find a replacement in 2020 | Bleach report

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - NOVEMBER 18: Defender Philip Rivers # 17 of the Los Angeles Chargers looks from the side during a game against Kansas City chiefs at the Estadio Azteca on November 18, 2019 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Manuel Velazquez / Getty Images)

Manuel Velazquez / Getty Images

Philip Rivers may one day become a member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame. He is the legend of the Los Angeles / San Diego Chargers, no matter how and when his stay in the team ends, and he rarely imagines what bothered this long-suffering, snake-bitten organization.

But it's time for the bolts to start the next chapter.

They will baptize a new stadium next year, and in the process they will try to build a new fan base after three clumsy, several nomadic seasons in the suburbs of L.A.

They should do it with a new face in the quarterback.

This became apparent after the 24-17 Chargers Night football losing to Western leaders of the Kansas City AFC that the bolts will miss the playoffs for the fifth time in six seasons, and Rivers will not be able to free the Rivers.

Soon, the future 38-year-old threw seven combined interceptions in consecutive single-loss divisional losses. These defeats brought a total of nine points, which is not unique to a team that turned a broken heart into an art form and did not lose more than one point this season. Rivers often looked lost in the last two, and if not for his many mistakes and sad inaccuracies, the Chargers could have won both.

In such circumstances, they will be tied to the management of the unit. Instead, we are ready to extol the 2019 chargers, as well as Rivers' 16-year experience with the team.

Monday's special affair in Mexico City was very reminiscent of the Chargers home game since the team left San Diego. The leaders did not play well and lost their top receiver, Tyreek Hill, due to a hamstring injury at the beginning of the first quarter. Los Angeles was healthier and relaxed. There is no excuse for the hole the Chargers dug when they lagged from 24 to 9 in the third quarter, but they could have survived if their so-called elite quarterback was just competent in playing on the line.

In addition to Mike Williams’s 50-yard aberration to keep hope, leaving about a minute in the game with seven points, Rivers performed only four of his 10 pass attempts in a failed two-minute exercise, which ended with sealing the game. intercept.

We should not have been surprised. Overall, Rivers is only 15 out of 36 with zero touchdown, three picks and a ranking of 14.5 passers-by in the last two minutes of single-game games this season.

This makes it much harder to tolerate the fact that its rating is 85.5 passers-by. ranked at bottom 10 among qualified, current starting quarterbacks, while only Jamies Winston of Tampa Bay Buccaneers threw more choices.

As usual, the protection of Rivers passages was not satisfactory. But MVP candidates Russell Wilson and Deshons Watson faced the same intense pressure as Matt Ryan significantly outplayed Rivers, despite the lack of support from his line of attack.

The river is more than enough support elsewhere. The few quarterbacks in the NFL have arsenals that can be compared to a qualifying group that includes Keenan Allen, Williams, Austin Eckeler, Hunter Henry and Melvin Gordon III. All these guys were active and productive with the ball in their hands on Monday night, and the talented defense of the Chargers limited Patrick Magomes and the powerful attack of the leaders with 24 points. They forced Kansas City to erupt six times, and four of them came in the fourth quarter.

And yet Los Angeles failed again.

We no longer believe that this will ultimately happen to Rivers, who threw more passes than all but six defenders in the history of the NFL. He looks disappointed and defeated, both in his pocket and between games. You have to imagine how his teammates and the few Chargers fans who actually appear in the miniature football stadium, which the franchise temporarily calls home, feel.

Chargers need new energy before they move from there to the new SoFi stadium, and this offseason is likely to provide a great opportunity to move on. Not only does Rivers plan to become a free agent, but several of the famous young quarterbacks – Cam Newton, Teddy Bridgewater and Gardner Minsew II, and many others – may become available in the new year.

Of course, Chargers are also in the top 12 of the draft, which may give them a chance to get blue chips, such as Justin Herbert or Joe Barrow, or they can take the Tua Tagovailoa and wait for him to take the Reins in 2021.

Rivers has a bad year, which seems to worsen over time. And he constantly let his team down at critical moments. This season is largely lost, and the likelihood that he will redeem himself in his campaign at the age of 39 is low.

Combine this with the circumstances of the quarterback market in 2020 and from almost any practical point of view, now is the right time for Rivers and Chargers to break up.

Brad Gannon has been covering the NFL for the Bleacher Report since 2012.

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