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Pass the testimony of Gordon Sondland to the House of Intelligence today.


What you need to know about impeachment hearings on Wednesday?

  • Gordon Sondland, US Ambassador to the European Union, will testify with the House Intelligence Committee as part of an impeachment investigation Wednesday morning starting at 9 a.m.
  • Sondland played an important role in the campaign of pressure to force Ukraine to launch an investigation in the interests of President Trump.
  • Read and watch highlights of the Tuesday hearing here and here.
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Washington. In the most revealing testimony in the impeachment case, the House of Representatives will hear the testimony of a US diplomat who discussed efforts to put pressure on Ukraine directly with President Trump.

Gordon Sondland, US Ambassador to the EU, will appear before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday morning to explain his volatile testimony, as well as conversations with the president about the campaign to attract Ukraine to the 2016 investigation and about the company that hired the son of the former vice president Joe Biden

Sondland, Trump's major donor, initially told the impeachment investigation committees that he did not know that the delay in military assistance to Ukraine was related to their desire to announce an investigation. But in a revised statement earlier this month, Sondland recalled how he told a senior Ukrainian official that help “most likely” would not be released until an announcement was made.

An employee of the US Embassy in Kiev last week behind closed doors testified that he heard Sondland talking with the president on the telephone July 26, the day after Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. An employee, David Holmes, said he could clearly hear Sondland and Mr. Trump discussing “investigations” when Sondland assured the president that Zelensky would fulfill.

Sondland's hearing is the first of two on Wednesday when Pentagon and State Department officials testify this afternoon.

Who is Gordon Sondland?

6:30 a.m.: Sondland is the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, the role he has held since his confirmation in June 2018. Before becoming an ambassador, Sondland worked for a long time as a successful hotel tycoon and banker. He was also the main donor to the Trump campaign in 2016 and the first committee of Mr. Trump, to which he contributed $ 1 million.

In a shocking cancellation earlier this month, Sondland revised his initial testimony behind closed doors because he said that, reading the accounts of other witnesses, “refreshed my memories of conversations related to the suspension of US assistance.”

Sondland said that he now remembers speaking to a senior Ukrainian official that postponing deferred military assistance “probably” depended on a foreign country announcing an investigation that would bring Trump political benefits.

What happened at the second hearing on Tuesday

5:45 a.m. On the afternoon of Tuesday afternoon, the former Special Envoy to Ukraine told lawmakers that he did not know that efforts to pressure the Ukrainian government to launch anti-corruption investigations were directed against Bydens, but said he would raise objections if I would know then what he knows at present.

Kurt Volker, a former Special Representative, and Tim Morrison, a former employee of the National Security Council, have confirmed that they are aware of the events at the center of the impeachment investigation.

“Looking back, I now understand that others saw the idea of ​​investigating possible corruption involving the Ukrainian company Burisma as the equivalent of investigating former Vice President Biden,” Walker said, referring to the energy company Hunter Biden worked for. “I saw them very different – the first was appropriate and unremarkable, the second unacceptable. Looking back, I would have seen this connection differently, and if I had done this, I would have expressed my own objections. ”

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What happened at the first hearing on Tuesday

Witnesses Call Trump's Call for President of Ukraine “Inappropriate”

At the first meeting on Tuesday, two senior White House assistants told the House Intelligence Committee that the president’s phone call on July 25 with the President of Ukraine was "inappropriate" and "unusual."

Lt. Col. Alexander Windman, expert at the National Security Council for Ukraine, and Jennifer Williams, adviser for Russia and Europe, Vice President Mike Pence, both listened to a conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

During the first of two impeachment hearings on Tuesday, Williams said she found the call "unusual" because "it included a discussion of what seemed like an internal political issue." Windman said he reported his concerns to his superiors "out of a sense of duty."

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How to watch impeachment hearings on Wednesday

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