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Morning after: the new VR-game Valve & # 39; Half-Life & # 39;

There is but.Valve finally confirms new Half-Life game

On Thursday we will meet the first new Half life The name Valve has released over a dozen years. The only thing we know about Half-Life: Alyx This is the first "flagship VR game." Valve now has its own virtual reality headset Index, and it makes sense that the company will use one of its most beloved games to promote this technology, but we will learn more about what is required when the game comes out on November 21.

This is impressive, but the choice of the game is expensive and enthusiastic. Google stadia landed

Google has promised a lot with its streaming game service, and it has completed most of them. With Stadia, you can broadcast and play AAA titles such as Fate 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 Well, another 20 games. We play a new service for a week, and although it all depends on how fast your home Internet works, these games work. Jessica Conditt explains everything.

You can also win a Nest Hub for $ 79.Google Announces Black Friday Discounts Including $ 200 Pixel 4s

If you were thinking about purchasing any Google hardware, it might make sense to wait. The company has several discounts planned, including the Pixel 4/4 XL offer, which costs $ 200, so they start at $ 599, which will be available on November 24th. Offers starting on the 28th include $ 20 at a regular price of $ 49 for the Nest Mini and Pixel 3a / 3a XL for $ 100.

The batteries are larger, but you cannot repair them yourself.IFixit 16-inch MacBook Pro shows just a few changes

We’ve gotten closer to the new, larger MacBook Pro keyboard, but what about the rest? Well, there is less to report on a new temperature control system and larger battery cells. If you were hoping for great maintainability, such as the latest Microsoft machines, we have bad news. You probably still need some experience to do any work in the car. But at least the keyboard is less prone to seizing.

Why not a child (edited)?Samsung made Star Wars Galaxy Note 10+ for Kylo Ren fans

This Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Special Edition will mark the release Skywalker Climb, The phone uses a black and red color scheme (plus custom graphics and sounds) to match the hugs of the dark side of Kylo Ren, and you will also get the corresponding Kylo Ren case, Galaxy Buds and a metal collector badge. In the US, it will be available on December 13 in an unlocked form at a price of $ 1,300 in Amazon, Samsung, and some Best Buy and Microsoft stores.

We are not the market for this.Sony's weird loudspeakers in the USA

Want the convenience of portable tunes, but hate headphones and earphones? Sony has a solution for you in the form of an immersive wearable speaker (SRS-WS1), which, perhaps, is the most successfully named audio kit of the company. The speaker was launched in Japan back in 2017 (we saw an earlier version during SXSW 2016), and now it finally makes its way to the US in December. It will be available at a preliminary price of $ 250 if you make a reservation before December 1, and then $ 300. The only difficulty is finding someone to wear this thing.

It looks like DualShock 4.Sony's new patent for the controller confirms the familiar appearance of the controller for the PS5

Early report from Wired said the prototype of Sony’s new PlayStation 5 controller looked “terribly similar to the PS4 DualShock 4,” and documentation from the Japanese Patent Office confirms this. In fact, this is not very different at all – although it seems that the new accessory will not include a lightbar, and there are larger trigger buttons that are reported to have adaptive triggers to represent strength and tension in the game. At the moment, however, this is just a dashed chart. Sony can still shake the design.

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