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Lincoln 2020 Corsair Grand Touring will offer electric all-wheel drive

Corsair will be equipped with a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder gas engine with a permanent magnet synchronous motor to generate approximately 266 horsepower. The electric drivetrain, however, is more designed to give the gas engine a boost in performance rather than pushing the SUV on its own. When driving a Corsair GT in electric mode only, drivers should expect about 25 miles. However, this is enough to carry out several tasks around the city without the need to burn fuel. Under normal driving conditions, the electric motor delivers power to the rear wheels, although it can be switched to four-wheel drive under adverse driving conditions, for example, when trying to overcome snow plows.

In addition to the five standard Corsair driving modes (Normal, Preservation, Arousal, Slippery and Deep Conditions), the upcoming hybrid will additionally offer the Pure EV option that matches the sound exactly, and the Conserve EV feature that allows the system to charge. up to 75 percent of electric car stores when you drive. It will also offer charging from level 1 / level 2. A regular 110 V socket will fully charge the car’s batteries in about 10 hours. By connecting it to a level 2 charger, a voltage of 240 V reduces this time to 3-4 hours.

And since it is obvious that no physical consumer product can exist today without a companion app, the Corsair GT has a companion app. Drivers will be able to open and start the SUV using their phone, as well as automatically save and reset the seat and climate control settings. Corsair will also come with a range of driver assistance features, including collision alerts, lane keeping and dead zone detection. Lincoln has not yet shared MPG prices or ratings, but stay tuned this week as Engadget will provide you with all the most interesting information about the conference room at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2020.

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