Monday , January 25 2021

Kings Trainer Dave Jörger sends Yahoo a status report

Is it not enough to redo a culture upon victory?

Yahoo! Report Sport "Chris Haynes says it may not be for Sacramento Kings coach Dave Joerger.

According to Haynes, "there seems to be a significant mismatch between the front office of Sacramento Kings and head coach Dave Jörger regarding the priorities and direction of the franchise, Yahoo Sports sources said."

Referring to a source in the league, Haynes writes that the split between the front office of the kings and Jörger is related to his distribution of minutes. The article specifically points out the first round of the project to pick up the role of Marvin Bagley in the team and, to a lesser extent, the Rock of Labissier and Harry Giles in the first 15 games of the season.

During Saturday's Kings-Rockets game, general manager Vlade Divak made a statement refuting the Haynes report: “Dave shows full support and confidence. We continue to work together to develop our young core and compete. ”

Bagley had not yet started the game, and Jorger decided to start veteran Neman Bielik over a rookie in power. Bjelica signed a three-year contract worth $ 20.5 million with the kings at the end of the off-season and was a pleasant surprise for the team.

The overall pick No. 2 in the 2018 NBA draft, Bagley averaged 11.6 points and 5.5 rebounds at 22.3 minutes per game on Saturday.

The former star of the duke showed signs of high class, but he is still studying at the defensive end. In Friday's loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, the 19-year-old finished 1 of 3 from the field with seven points and one rebound in 20 minutes of action.

Rookie member Jaren Jackson, Jr., whom the kings handed over to the draft, published 27 points and six rebounds in 32 minutes as a starter for the Grizzlies.

Sacramento entered Saturday's match with Houston with an amazing 8-7 album of the season. Jörger relied on Bjeliku and Iman Schupert, since only two veteran kings who received regular playing time. Costa Kufos, on average, is 14 minutes in seven games, and Zach Randolph has not yet settled down for the game this season.

Jörger had his version in the fourth year, acquired last summer, and he is under contract next season, but that did not stop the kings from making such a decision in the past.

Michael Malone released 24 games in the 2014–15 season from 11–13. The team was 9-5 at some point, but the big man DeMarcus Cousins ​​cut viral meningitis and missed nine matches. Sacramento went 2-7 on the stretch, and Malone was relieved of his duties.

The kings are completely out of control. Tyrone Corbin lasted only 28 games at the helm, completing the record 7-21. George Karl took over the team and finished the season 11-19, but the chemistry and culture of the kings were completely destroyed in the chaos.

Sacramento finished the next season at 33-49, and Carl was fired shortly thereafter with two years remaining on his contract.

At Jörger, the kings play very well. His young group leads the NBA at a pace and challenges players in each season this season.

So, Jörger wins by developing the young core of the club. The second guard of the second division of De Aeron Fox has a rip-off campaign for kings, and the improvements to both Buddy Hill and Willie Cowley-Stein are nothing short of remarkable.

Players have repeatedly spoken about the positive culture of the team, and say they love the style of the game. Is it enough to save Jörger in Sacramento, not yet visible.

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