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JWoww puts a “specific site” on the blast to turn her son’s autism into an “exclusive” report

Jenny "JWoww" Farley killed by grief over a “specific site”, using his son Grayson’s diagnosis of autism as the basis for an “exclusive” report.

"Grayson, he was recently diagnosed with autism," "Jersey Shore" star said Hollywood life in an interview last week, and went to Instagram on Wednesday to express her frustration with a media company to focus on her son’s health diagnosis, rather than on her skin care line, of course, Woww, so she agreed to do an interview in first of all

“This is @greysonmathews with her amazing psychotherapist ABA Nashwa from @wecareautismservices,” said a 32-year-old photograph with a photograph of Greyson, 2. “Recently, Gray was diagnosed with autism. He has also been in early intervention for more than 6 months and it is amazing that Gray will always be my little prince, so in order for his diagnosis to become “exclusive” for a particular site, I broke my heart and made me angry. ”

“In no case would I ever“ tell ”any company about my son, so he becomes their click-bat [sic] … his story is precious, and not a single article can catch it, "she continued." The article was supposed to be about my @naturalwow brand and how it expands to the HONOR line of children from Greyson and Meilani.

JWoww concluded: "Naturally, I will donate part of my profits to autistic organizations that help children like my son … because this is the only message I intend to spread in the name of my sons … love and acceptance."

Grayson Diagnosis News Appears After JWoww told her "jersey shore" on the show that her son had not yet spoken, and he was on therapy three times a week.

The MTV star also told Hollywood Life that Grayson is still “non-verbal”, but he is showing signs of “positive, positive” development.

“When it comes to speech, he made the jumps,” said Jove. “He better understands the words that were his problem. Not that he couldn’t speak, but he would never know that his shoe was, or if you said “Grayson,” he actually didn’t even know his name at some point while he was a little more than two. So now, when he understands simple words, he has gone so far. ”

JWoww, who shares Greyson and daughter Meilani, 4, with her husband Roger Matthews, expressed how “proud” she is from her son and says that the “biggest problem” for the family at the moment is forcing Grayson and Meilani to communicate.

“It was really heartbreaking and frustrating, like a mom when you see other two-year-olds who talk and live their best lives,” she said. “Grayson lives his best life, he just doesn't know what you are saying!”

“It's just a challenge, and he makes him hang with Meilani, which is the biggest problem,” she continued. “When you have two children who are on two different wavelengths, it’s always fun, but Meilani still thinks she’s the only child who’s also a problem.”

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