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Federal health researchers began testing the male contraceptive gel

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From Maggie Fox

The National Institutes of Health is looking for a few good men to try out the new birth control gel for men.

Gel, daily rubbed into the shoulders, gradually reduces the number of sperm, so men can not make a woman pregnant. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), which is part of the NIH, plans to register about 400 couples on sites around the world to check how well the gel works, to prevent pregnancy, and also to check how well people like it and will Do people use it as directed.

“This is the first time that men use it as part of a couple to test effectiveness,” said Diane Blyth, head of contraception development program at NICHD.

The gel composition, called NES / T, includes a progestin-containing compound, called segesterone acetate, which is produced under the trademark Nestorone, as well as a dose of testosterone.

“Applied on the back and shoulders and absorbed by the skin. Progestin blocks the natural production of testosterone in the testes, reducing sperm production to low or non-existent levels, ”the NICHD said in a statement.

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