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Errors in dropped orders force players to start the game again

Players penetrate the recently released Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order you should proceed carefully and find a way to back up your save, if possible. Now we know about two places in the game where failures stuck with players without the ability to advance and not to resort to help, except to start a new game from scratch.

The first place is on Datomir, the players of the planet can enter the game for a couple of hours, even if they are usually too weak to gain access to most of this moment. Planetary levels in Fallen order these are nonlinear spaces full of hidden passages, and Datomir is basically limited until you acquire some later Power Forces that allow you to go around them. Not very deep in Dathomir, players will find an abyss that they do not have to go through before they acquire some key abilities. The problem is that some players, including Kotaku Podcast Kirk Hamilton was able to inadvertently bridge this gap in one awkward leap, only to get stuck later. After this jump, the path for the player closes, and the path in front of him leads to areas requiring powers that the player does not have.

Kirk was 10 hours in the game, about 47% Fallen order it became clear when he realized that he drowned in a well-known swamp without Yoda to pick it up.

Warning (and possibly a spoiler): DO NOT attempt this jump in Datomir unless you have a double jump and forced push. If you accidentally do this without these privileges, you will probably be stuck and you will have to restart the game.

He could not make the jump required of him, and he could not return. He played on a PC where there were no convenient backups to which he could return.

EA Help Forums have six pages of comments from people stuck in Datomir, many of them accidentally made the same jump before they received the forces necessary to continue. Reports from PC, PS4, and Xbox One players.

“Yes, thanks for pointing this out,” said an EA spokesman. Kotaku“We know about this problem and are working to fix it. We’re going to continue to work on performance in the game and release patches as needed so that players can have fun with the game. ”

For now, players should avoid Datomir jumping until they receive power shocks in the game and double jumping movements.

Unfortunately, this is not the only jump that can be avoided on Datomir. Late last week, a player named Keith Mitchell ran a computer copy of the game when he reached the sequence on the planet Kashyyyk. In a scripted sequence, pressing a button was supposed to make a droid buddy attack two enemies. This did not work and left him stuck, unable to move on to the next part of the level. Restarting the game did not help, and his save file did not take him far enough back to allow him to go somewhere else. An attempt to attract EA and Respawn also failed. there in EA forum thread with people stuck in this place, but not a word about the workaround.

Mitchell was at a loss. “I live for such games,” he said. KotakuHe said he had a great time Fallen order to reach this point. In the end, he decided to just start all over and, having passed the second walkthrough, passed this part without any problems. “I mean, when Respawn didn't answer, and you really wanted to play,” he said, “you can do little.”

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