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Democrats press Stacy Abrams from Georgia to respond to Trump's appeal on the state of the Union

Senate minority leader Charles S. Schumer (D-N.Y.) Said Tuesday that the Democrats had touched Stacy Abrams in Georgia to respond to President Trump’s appeal on the state of affairs in the United States.

Abrams nearly lost the state race for governor in November after a lengthy dispute over blocked votes. She will speak to the nation on prime time soon after Trump completes her speech at a joint session of Congress next Tuesday night.

“She is just a great representative. She is an incredible leader. She headed the commission for the right to vote, which lies at the heart of the rest. … I am very excited that she agreed to be the defendant of the president, ”Schumer told reporters.

Abrams' political future is the source of a lot of speculation. Earlier this month, she met in Washington with Schumer, who is seeking candidates to run against Senator David Perdue (R-Ga.) In 2020.

Abrams is the first black woman to win the main party nomination for governor. While she failed in her proposal against Republican Brian Kemp, she received more votes than any Democrat who ever ruled throughout the state in Georgia, prompting some to assume that she should be in the presidential or vice-presidential election. presidential structure.

“I’m interested in everything,” Abrams told The Washington Post earlier this month when he was asked about the possibility of another nomination. “What I’m trying to do is decide which work is right, I’m the right person, and now is this the right time.”

She said she gave herself up to the end of March to make a decision.

After the 2018 campaign, Abrams announced the creation of a new voting organization, Fair Fight Georgia, which filed a federal lawsuit against election officials in Georgia for allegedly falsifying elections. Government officials must respond to the lawsuit by the end of the month.

Vanessa Williams contributed to this report.

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