Saturday , January 16 2021

Chipotle offers a job back to the dismissed Minnesota manager who was exposed to viral video

The manager was fired on Saturday after one of the men on Thursday posted a video on Twitter about visiting a group at the Grand Avenue Chipotle restaurant, resulting in millions of views and instant condemnation.

The manager, contacting the pioneer press, sent a request to his lawyer.

On Monday, the company issued a written statement to Pioneer Press, stating that it looked at the evidence of the visit and offered the manager its job.

“Although our usual protocol was not respected when servicing these clients, we publicly apologize to our manager for putting him in this position,” said Lori Shalou, the chief relations officer for Chipotle, in a statement.

“Our policy is to treat our customers and employees fairly and with respect at all times and in all circumstances. We will work with all our restaurant teams to be ready to deal with such situations and know that they have full support. We strive to do the right thing and act according to a thoughtful, fact-based approach. ”

When Chipotle announced the dismissal of the manager on Saturday, the company said it was “ready to treat all our customers fairly and with respect,” and added that despite the fact that the manager believes that men left the restaurant without paying in the past, “ this is not how we treat our customers, and as a result, the manager was terminated, and the restaurant is being retrained so that something like this does not happen again. ”

But on Sunday, Chipotl said that he was reviewing his action, stating that he had received "additional information that needs further study."

“We want to do the right thing,” said Chipotl, “so after further investigation we will re-train and re-hire if the facts prove it.”

The company did not specify which type of training would be justified, and would not offer information outside of their written statements. He also said that he was aware of some of the tweets of the person who posted the video in which he seemed to be discussing dinners and spirits – before the decision was made to dismiss the manager.

“Our actions were based on facts known to us immediately after the incident, including videos, social media posts and conversations with the client, the manager and our employees,” Shalou said on Sunday via e-mail.

The published video begins with what the employee says to the men: “You have to pay, because you never had money when you come here.”

“I’m basically a stereotype of us,” replies one of the men.

In the end, one of the restaurant staff called the police.

On Sunday, images of several old Twitter messages from a man who posted a video, 21-year-old Masood Ali, were published in the media, in which he seemed to be discussing dinners and dashing.

Ali's efforts to reach for comments were unsuccessful.

In one post from July 2015, he tweeted: “Dine and dash is forever interesting.”

In another tweet of 2015, Ali wrote: “Guys, we borrow food … that's all, and if a lady (to) stop you at the door, feel free to take out of it …”

In January 2016, he tweeted: “I think Chipotl is catching up with us, family … we have to change places …”

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