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Check out the first on the set of Daniel Craig in Bond 25

The latest official news tape from the Bond 25 set – “on the set”, which is a minute-long music video — is at first glance unremarkable. The video gives us our first glimpses of Lashana Lynch (Captain marvel) and the return of Jeffrey Wright in the role of Felix Leiter. Rami Malek, who was declared the villain of the film, is nowhere to be seen.

What makes the video remarkable, though, is the flood of unhappiness that plague production. In May, Craig had an ankle surgery after an injury on the set. This incident was followed by several other crew injuries and rumors that filmmaker Cary Fukunaga refused the schedule because he was too busy playing video games (to which he replied that he did not have time to finish Red Dead Redemption 2 exactly because he was too busy with Bond 25).

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Our production designer / Skillful master of life during the day, Mark Tildesley, once told me that being a director, you have to feel the dying of a thousand cuts, due to the constant flow of questions that need to be asked. At this work there is not a minute that is not scheduled, and even during the shooting day, in the hours before the call, between duplicates and settings, and after we wrap up, there are always a number of dedicated and hard-working department heads eager to prepare our sequence, no one sleeps on such work. Of course, it's hard, but it's still the best job in the world, and I never neglect the most industrious cast and crew. We are all in this together. Regarding my relationship with PS4, if my progress in RDR2 is any indicator, it lingers by 63% for several months, and if someone ruins my end before I turn on B25, I will be mad.

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Like the April press event, which announced the start of filming (but it was postponed to show the expected name), all this mood and a small performance. This is what we already know: Ralph Fiennes, Naomi Harris, Ben Wishaw, Rory Kinnear and Leah Seydou will return with new members of the team Billy Magnussen, Ana de Armas, David Densik and Daly Benssala who will join the trip.

As for what Bond will be doing (still played by Daniel Craig, who expressed a desire to abandon the franchise), he will be on vacation in Jamaica – that is, until Leiter with a request for help in rescuing the abducted scientist .

Bond 25 still has no official release date, but the film is expected to appear in theaters on April 8, 2020.

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