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Bloomberg: Apple is changing the way software is tested after its debut in iOS 13, a new process starts with iOS 14

iOS 13, especially the first few versions, quickly gained a reputation for being full of bugs and problems.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is changing the way it develops internal builds of operating systems, trying to prevent the story from repeating itself, as work on iOS 14 already takes a new approach.

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Bloomberg explains that until now, Apple engineers have built features into the daily builds of iOS versions before they were fully tested. This meant that using test devices in these internal versions was a nightmare because the system ran so many different component branches with different levels of stability.

The publication explains that it made it virtually impossible for Apple to understand the actual state of its software.

In iOS 14, it is planned that all incomplete functions for OS builds are disabled by default and must be enabled using a special configuration menu. This should allow Apple management to monitor the progress of the release of new versions of the operating system and make the software more flexible; functions that are not ready to be shipped can be easily removed.

The new approach will also be applied to development for iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS. Apple expects iOS 14 to be a full-featured release, but it’s obviously ready to put off some features until iOS 15, if necessary.

Bloomberg says Apple engineers have begun to realize that iOS 13 wasn’t worth anything new ahead of the June WWDC conference. The report also says that engineers actually stopped improving iOS 13.0 and instead focused on iOS 13.1.

By August, realizing that the initial version of iOS 13.0, which will be delivered with the new iPhone in a few weeks, will not meet quality standards, Apple engineers decided to basically abandon this work and focus on improving iOS 13.1, the first update. Apple privately considered iOS 13.1 a “true public release” with a quality level corresponding to iOS 12. The company expected only stubborn Apple fans to download iOS 13.0 on their phones.

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