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Audi's E-Tron GT concept is a 590hp electric sedan on a Porsche.

Just two months after the debut of its first electric car, an E-Tron SUV, Audi announced a new EV called the E-Tron GT Concept. This is a sleek sedan that gets its electricity from the same powertrain and battery platform, which will be in the first EV Porsche, Taycan.

The concept was presented at the LA Auto Show this week, and will go on sale in just two years, with deliveries starting in early 2021, according to Audi. Prices are not set.

Sitting on 22-inch wheels, the E-Tron GT is powered by a 90 kW battery and places it in two electric motors (one for each axle). In total, this transmission creates 434 kilowatts of power, or 590 horsepower. According to Audi, it's good enough to go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds.

Audi estimates a range of around 248 miles for the E-Tron GT in accordance with the World Organization for Standardization (WLTP) standards according to the worldwide harmonization standard. While WLTP is more stringent than previous standards that automakers used to predict the range, its estimates are still a bit more rosy than what the EPA generates, which means that performance in the real world may be a little behind this mark.

Since it shares the Taycan technology from Porsche, the E-Tron GT will also charge very quickly. An 800-volt rechargeable battery can go from almost dead to 80 percent, charged in 20 minutes, faster than basically anything currently on the market, including Tesla blowers.

While at the moment it is not the case to call the car "Tesla Killer", announcements similar to the E-Tron GT concept serve as vivid reminders that traditional automakers have an EV wave on the horizon. By the time the GT concept becomes a reality, Audi will have an E-Tron crossover, as well as a sports version on the road, and the first efforts of the German automaker in this area will be combined with similar products from Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and more.

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