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As customers approach Black Friday sales, pre-orders for the Pixel 4 are still awaiting Google Store credit

Some customers making reservations for the Pixel 4 feel they have left Black Friday offers on Google. In short, when they reserved their phones to receive a Google Store loan of $ 100 for 6-8 weeks, many people assumed that the company would refuse to sell on holidays on phones just launched. However, the Pixel 4 will indeed cost $ 200 starting November 24th, and this left the first followers with bruises.

Android Police reader David wrote to us about his dissatisfaction with the lack of his pre-order loan, noting that $ 100 may come no earlier than a few days after Christmas – from the end of the pre-order period, October 26, the delivery window will be from December 7 to December 21.

Interestingly, last year Google offered a $ 50 store credit for Pixel 3 pre-orders and distributed them over 4-6 weeks. He then dropped the $ 150 discount on the Pixel and the $ 200 discount on the Pixel 3 XL on Black Friday the same year, but at least by that time, customers were able to start buying money back for pre-order.

So what is going on here? Why offer regular customers half the discount on weekly delays compared to purchases after Thanksgiving?

"6 to 8 weeks"

We cover quite a few product launches that are advertised with pre-order privileges. However, as a rule, the former come to the threshold much faster than the latter – the small print can indicate from 4 to 6 weeks or, yes, even from 6 to 8 weeks.

Supply chain management is the biggest time it takes for this, as the company needs to prepare these bonus positions and be prepared to produce more batches to meet demand. Moreover, return to our pre-order bonuses message and you will see that Google has physical products that you will need to see in order to ship them to different countries. The company should also check this demand, either by charging funds to customers' bank or credit accounts, or, as Samsung and LG buyers do, go through a separate order form for their promotional items after they deliver the device they want.

But all this does not explain why Google could not simply quickly track all the offers on store loans that were made in the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Taiwan. In our opinion, this should not take longer than the time required for a customer to debit to send it. So why did it take longer than that?

Dual or output

Then the question arises as to why Google will get early buyers with a loan of $ 100, and not with a discount of $ 200, as those who seek deals on Black Friday will receive. We have no explanation for this, honestly.

The marketing department of each company works unique for the other – in the case of Google, you can say that the marketers of each team behave differently with respect to the next team – and although you hope that the Google Store will know about its product portfolio, which is going to fall , and about the demand curve The forecast will be like this, we are sure that, as in everything else, some aspects were thought out more than others.

We asked Google for answers to some questions about why and how she planned her Pixel 4 promotions, and will update this story if and when we hear the answer.

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