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Apple TV's first big movie may be in jeopardy as company cancels premiere

Apple abruptly canceled the premiere Banker, his first major film for Apple TV Plus, after allegations of a member of the family the film is based on appeared, Deadline reports. The film premiered on Thursday, at the final evening of the AFI Fest in Hollywood, before its theatrical release on December 6.

“We acquired The Banker earlier this year because we were struck by the fascinating and informative story of the film about social change and financial literacy,” Apple said in a statement. Deadline. “Last week, some issues related to the film were brought to our attention. Together with the directors, we need some time to understand these issues and determine the best next steps. In light of this, we are no longer hosting the premiere of The Banker at the AFI Fest. ”

With actors featuring Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, Nicholas Holt and Nia Long, Banker is one of the most popular films Apple has purchased for streaming services. It was originally supposed to go live streaming early next year, but these plans were reportedly suspended pending an Apple investigation.

It is believed that fears are not related to any historical figures depicted in the film. Instead Deadline reports that charges were brought against Bernard Garrett Jr., the son of the character portrayed by Anthony Mackie in the film. Garrett Jr. participated in the promotion of the film and acted as a consultant in its production.

Banker is one of three films Apple was planning to release in 2019 along with Queen of elephants and Challah.

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