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$ 5B to fund walls or close government, Trump repeats

The government is facing a potential shutdown on December 7 if the financing transaction has not been reached. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer told reporters on Tuesday that the Democrats' position remains at $ 1.6 billion. United States for border security measures agreed by the Republican Party and democratic assistants.
Trump told Politico in an interview published Wednesday that, in his opinion, he would win a political battle with the Democrats on this issue.

“I will tell you, politically speaking, that this question is a complete winner,” said the president, referring to recent incidents at the border, which, in his opinion, motivated support for greater security. He also said that $ 5 billion will be only for the physical barrier and that "this number is more for border security."

The newspaper reported that Trump was "unshakably firm" at his own will to get $ 5 billion. However, in an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday evening, Trump seems to have left the door open to find another solution if he cannot convince Democrats to support the funding.
GOP leaders say Trump remains solid at $ 5 billion.

The president also told Politico that he was “not in the mood” to reach a compromise with the Democrats on a large-scale immigration deal and wants to wait to compromise on the “Dreamers” – undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children – until then until current court decisions regarding the program are resolved.

He predicted that the Supreme Court would consider the legality of the Deferred Childhood Program, an initiative from the Obama era that defended thousands of young illegal immigrants brought to the United States as deported children.

“I have a big heart for DACA,” said Trump Political. “I want to be able to keep them, but if the court rules correctly, there will be no problems with DACA and we will decide everything. If the court decides in favor of Obama, who has this right, it will be a disaster because it will not work, it will not work. ”

Two leaders of the Republican Chamber, Director Steve Skalize and Kevin McCarthy, said on Tuesday that Trump is adamant about a figure of $ 5 billion.

“We have to be there for him and make sure that it will be signed,” he told reporters at a meeting of the White House.

Scalise said that there are negotiations between Republicans and Democrats to secure funding, and he insisted that there is a way to resolve this issue without closing the government.

Kevin Liptak of CNN joined this report.

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