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Wargroove will present its turn-based Advance Wars strategy on PS4 next week •

No mutual play on the Sony platform yet.

Developer Chucklefish has announced that the long-awaited version of the PlayStation 4 of its well-adopted turn-based strategy game Wargroove will finally be released next Tuesday, July 23rd.

You may recall Wargroove, released earlier this year on switches, Xbox One and PC, in anticipation of the pre-launch. Much of this excitement was due to the fact that Chucklefish openly referred to Nintendo's favorite Advance Wars series as the main source of inspiration for the title – as you can probably guess by quickly looking at the screenshot – sending long-forgotten fans into hopeless insanity .

Fortunately, Wargroove does more than just impose a fantastic theme on Intelligent Systems' classic Advance Wars pattern. As you fight on each carefully crafted map, moving your troops around to participate in the delightfully traced rock-paper-scissors style, Wargroove adds several new tactical turns, such as unit synergy, allowing you to stronger attacks depending on neighbors. allies.

The version of Wargroove for PS4 will include everything that can be seen on other platforms, including a 20-hour storyline campaign, an arcade mode and a puzzle mode, as well as a cooperative and competitive game, available both locally and online.

PlayStation 4 owners also get access to Wargroove’s built-in map, the cut scene and the campaign editor, and can even upload community-created creations to other platforms. However, Chucklefish notes that, unlike PC, Xbox One and Switch, online cross-game is not supported on PS4.

There is no information about the price of the release of Wargroove for PS4, but he will probably take the lead in other console versions and estimate it at about £ 16.

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