Monday , January 25 2021

The man knocked out three times in a battle with a big bar, but just keeps getting up

The man was cruelly knocked out three times during a mass brawl in a bar in Milton Keynes.

The video in the smartphone revealed that nine people were fighting inside the bar and grill of Missoula Montana on Sunday around 1.50 in the morning.

A man with horror that initially hit several people finally paid for his wickedness when he was knocked down several times.

The man who hit him heard a shout: “Look! This is a blow!

A friend of the injured helped him to his feet, and despite being stunned, he seemed to want to come back again.

The man who recorded the video, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that one of the men was soaked with blood after the fight, and people had to be evacuated from the bar.

They said: “The struggle has been going on for a long time.

“It lasted ten minutes, and one boy had a white shirt covered in blood at the end. I was shocked.

“I was surprised that the bouncers no longer did. They coped terribly.

"In the end, they closed the place, and everyone had to leave."

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A man with horror was shot down three times (photo: News Dog Media)
In a fierce battle involved nine men. Picture: News Dog Media)

In the end, security appeared to remove the men.

Police confirmed that two men aged 26 and 28 from Newport Pagnell were arrested on suspicion of being injured.

Since then, they have been released under investigation.

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Security eventually intervened in Picture: News Dog Media)

A spokesman for the Thames Valley Police said: “At about 1.50 am on Sunday, officers were called to the Missoula-Montana bar and grill, Milton Keynes, after reporting a mess in a bar in which several people fought.

“The officers were present at the scene and arrested a 26-year-old man and a 28-year-old man from Newport Pagnell on suspicion of confusion.

“Both of them were released under investigation. Requests continue.

A spokeswoman for Missoula added: "We are helping the police investigate the incident that occurred shortly before closing on Saturday evening, and provided CCTV footage."

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