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Steam engine hits a car at the intersection of Sheringham Level

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The crash image was tweeted by the Norfolk Police with car registration

Steam engine crashed into a car in an accident at a level crossing.

1912 Locomotive Y14, plowed in a silver Mercedes near the Sheringham, Norfolk railway station, at about 11:30 GMT.

It is believed that the motorist was heading to a nearby golf club during a crash, which severely damaged the car.

A police officer, who shared the image of the wreckage, said that the driver of a Mercedes and three men aboard the engine were unharmed.

According to a representative of the North Norfolk Railway, the engine, built in 1912, traveled at a speed of 8 miles per hour to Weyburn to connect to the lunch car.

"The train became the winner"

General Manager Andrew Manden said that at that time the lights and sirens of Sweet Briar Lane sounded.

“We are all so happy that it was a low-speed collision, and no one was hurt,” he said.

Services resumed by noon after the Investigation Department for Rail Traffic Incidents gave permission to clean the site, Mr. Manden said.

PC Jon Parker of the Norfolk Police tweeted: “Currently on the scene in a train and car accident. No wonder the train was the winner. ”

The popular Poppy route runs between Sheringham and Holt on the Norfolk coast.

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