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Shark News: A moment of large white leaves screaming to the diver in horror as he breaks the cage | World | news

Video clips show how the beast uses teeth to chew on a metal cage in waters close to Mexico. It has been viewed thousands of times since uploading to the social networking site Instagram. According to the Daily Star, the footage was captured from inside the cage, indicating that the creature stuck its head into the cage and the diver was watching.

The footage shows that the shark appeared out of nowhere.

Using his huge fangs, the shark then decides to take the cage while chewing on the protective grilles.

According to reports, the shark seems to have been injured due to a red wound on her body.

When he cannot enter, the beast swims away, leaving the diver to breathe a sigh of relief.

Cries of delight can be heard when the shark moves away from the cage.

At the moment, the video has collected at least 60,000 views.

It was uploaded to the sea creature's Instagram page.

One social media user said that although the incident was “intimidating,” he “would have been a great experience.”

ONLY Q: A terrifying shark takes a huge chunk from a person’s hand in attack

Although Mr. Bryun and his friends were fishing in a place teeming with catch, people did not realize that a warning had appeared around the area after it was believed that the corpse of a humpback whale in the area attracted sharks.

Mr Bryun and his friend sailed 70 meters from the boat when they suddenly felt a rush of water beneath them.

After a few moments, Mr. Brun’s legs were so struck that they hit his chest.

He said: “I immediately realized that this was a shark, I just knew that.

“But I did not know which part of the shark hit me.

"At that moment, I could not solve it."

Great white sharks are typically found in cool coastal waters and are usually huge 15-20 feet long.

Able to swim at 15 mph and armed with 30 toothed triangular teeth, this species of shark is exceptionally good at breaking prey.

Sharks have an exceptional sense of smell, and they are attracted to the smell of blood in the water, in this case the corpse of a whale in the waters near the vote.

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