Wednesday , January 27 2021

Scotland 3-2 Israel: Alex McLeish says victory was “perfect” after criticism

Alan MacGregor commits suicide by helping Alex McLeish win in Scotland

Earning the Euro 2020 playoffs, defeating Israel, he was “perfect” and gives the Scotland team a “massive sense of self-satisfaction,” said manager Alex McLeish.

Hampden’s James Forrest hat stunt gave Scotland a 3-2 nerve victory and secured the League advance.

Now Scotland has a backup route to Euro 2020, if they do not reach the final through standard qualifiers.

"I am so proud of the guys, we answered a lot of questions," said McLeish.

“We were written off, and we went through it against adversity. This is an amazing part of your character when you can do it. Great to get the light at the end of the tunnel. ”

Israel led the C Group 1 League if they had avoided defeat, but instead Scotland advanced to League B for the next League of Nations staging, joining the likes of Germany, Croatia and Wales.

A defeat in Israel last month put McLeish under pressure, but a 4-0 win in Albania on Saturday and Israel’s defeat made three out of four wins in the first group.

“I took a hit after this game in Israel,” said the manager. “I was on it.

“But I'm always very conscientious, and the criticism is beautiful, because it makes you want to do better. I know that sometimes it can be on top, but we jumped back. ”

The goals took the international record of Forrest to five, and the Celtic winger scored twice in Shkoder at the weekend.

The 27-year-old has earned 12 in the last 11 games for the club and the country.

“James is in phenomenal form,” said McLeish. “His ending was unmistakable. Incredible. I waited for them to pass by the counter, but to see how they settled inside was a brilliant conclusion.

What is happening now?

  • Scotland has moved to the third seed pot for the qualifying draw for Euro 2020 next month
  • The qualifying campaign with 10 matches runs from March to November 2019, with the two best qualifiers in each group
  • If the Scots do not pass, they will have a semi-final home playoff in the playoffs of the League of Nations
  • Victory in this match and in the final will provide a place in the Euro 2020
  • Be that as it may, Scotland would play Finland for the right to play in the final in Norway or Serbia. Home advantage will be determined by voting.
  • However, if either of these four sides reaches Euro 2020 through ordinary qualifications, Bulgaria will take up space for the playoffs.

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