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Now you can get Google Project Fi on iPhone: here’s how

Project Fi is no longer the exclusive club for owners of select Android phones. Today, Google announced (November 28) that it is opening its wireless phone service for many other devices, including the Apple iPhone. Oh, and Project Fi gets a new name for a good rating.

Updated November 28 at 15:50 ET: Added additional information about using the iPhone in Google Fi.

Credit: GoogleCredit: GoogleObviously, having passed through the project phase, the wireless service is now called Google Fi. At this point, you can visit the Google Fi site and register for service with most Android phones; on the contrary, iPhone owners are encouraged to start working with the Google iOS application iOS, although it should be noted that Fi for iPhone is launched as a beta version. You can check compatibility with your device with this tool.

What is Google Fi?

Fi has become popular in recent years due to its unique approach compared to most other operators. First, you only pay for the amount of data you use. There is only one “plan”, and it starts with $ 20 for access to the line, plus an additional $ 10 for each gigabyte consumed. If you have one line and use more than 6 GB, you pay a maximum of $ 80 for this month, thanks to the Bill Protection feature. (For two lines, Bill's protection fires at 10 GB.)

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The other thing that makes Fi special is the network on which it is based — or, more precisely, on networks. Google has signed contracts with T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular, and until today, all the phones running on Fi could easily switch between three, depending on which one had the fastest signal; Fi also uses Wi-Fi hotspots to connect when they are available.

IPhone cautions

We say “until today” because when Google welcomes all these new phones on Fi, these rules change a little.

Fi, depends on the combination of hardware and software found on some phones that Google has checked, for example, Pixel 3, LG G7 and Moto X4 Android One. The iPhone and conventional Android devices do not have this, and as a result they will be limited to Fi only by the T-Mobile service. Phones that have not been optimized for Fi will not automatically switch to Google’s Wi-Fi, just as they will not automatically switch between the three operators.

This is not an amazing compromise, considering how Fi is tuned, but nevertheless it is disappointing. Technically, fi is always have worked on phones that were not designed for this, you would simply miss the opportunity to use multiple networks if you placed the Fi SIM card in unsupported hardware. The same can be said here. These devices will also be missing the new Fiat Enhanced Network Beta from Fi, which provides all the traffic through Google VPN for increased security.

The Fi site warns that iPhone users will have to work a little to get text messages to work properly. Although iMessage will work out of the box, the APN settings must be changed to enable MMS. However, this is not something unusual; Users familiar with connecting their device to a carrier without a contract are likely familiar with a similar process that provides full messaging support.

Other Fi Perks

Fortunately, no matter what your phone is, you still get other benefits from Fi. In addition to the excellent pricing scheme, which includes access to two million free (and secure) Wi-Fi access points around the world to get data out of mobile data as often as possible. Fi are entitled to free data transfer only on any device they like. In addition, Fi is an excellent network for travelers, as the service continues in more than 170 countries outside the US, and is worth the same.

Saying that Google is calling in the Fi Reboot with two travel-based promotions, both of which only work today. First, if you buy any phone via Fi, Google will issue an equivalent amount in gift cards related to the trip, regardless of whether you are a new subscriber or not. Alternatively, if you run Fi on your current phone, the company will give you $ 200 in service credit when you join.

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