Tuesday , January 26 2021

Inside the plans for London itself – and the highest

HOURAre you going to name a skyscraper? Do you call it after the company that owns it (for example, BT Tower)? The father of the developer who built it (Heron Tower)? Number of floors in the building (Tower 42)?

Or do you just allow time and popular opinion to decide (Walkie Talkie, 20 Fenchurch Street)? For the last proposed addition to the skyline of London, the name came from nature.

Spewing almost twice the height of its neighboring 30th Mary's Dream (also known as “Cucumber”), the Tulip will appear as a sleek silver lollipop amidst a forest of skyscrapers.

Plans for tulips were sent to the City Corporation. If approved, the steel and glass skyscraper will be the highest in London in London by 1000 feet, and the second largest skyscraper in the capital.

The tulip will be one foot taller than the single shaft that is currently being built. When it was designed, this skyscraper was in the upper limit of how tall the building is in this area of ​​London due to the fact that the planes land at the city’s airport.

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