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How to get the last word exotic hand gun – Game Rant

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It's been almost two months since the release Fate 2"S Black Armory DLC, but finally the day has come, which many fans have been waiting for. Quest "The Last Word" is now active in the game, and players can hunt for an exotic handgun at their leisure.

But for those who want in the shortest possible time to get at their disposal the fleeting exotics of Tex Mechanica, the best thing is to start working on the quest now. As usual, Bungie made a lot of effort. Fate 2 players and the last word.

Step 1: Visit Drifter

Unlike past quests "Destiny 2", the quest "The Last Word" can be obtained directly from the "Drifter". No need to wait for the fall of the RNG from Vex or something like that.

Step 2: kill the hive

This step requires players to kill the Hive in three different ways: the player must kill the hive with solar damage, 75 Hive kills and kill the 3 Hive bosses.

Step 3: Return to the Drifter

Now the seller Gambit will give players the following steps in the quest.

Step 4: Crucibles Are Killed

This will probably be the first obstacle for players on their way to the Last Word. Players will need to receive the Krusible killings while avoiding death. Each kill or ancillary kill is reported to give 2% to the completion of the step, while death kills 1%.

Step 5: Titan's Mission

Go to Titan and complete the story mission. This is a 500 power level, and the key mechanism is to kill the Wizards before you can get to the boss. Repeat this process until the boss dies.

fate 2 hive sniper mars

Step 6: Drifter Part 3

Yes, return to the Drifter.

Step 7: Big Step

This step requires a lot of things. First, players need to earn 50 tokens by killing the Hive with exact killings. Exact destruction does not guarantee a token, so more than 50 murders are likely to be required.

Then complete the 3 Witches Ritual Social Events on Heroic. This step is time consuming because there are not many destinations in this type of public events, and they do not appear very often. The rig area on Titan is probably the best bet, since an escalation protocol can interrupt public events on Mars.

Players should also receive 15 Wanted Escapee kills in the Lost Sectors. As you wait for the witch ritual in the rig, we recommend you make the lost sector Cargo Bay 3. Kill ogres, run out of the Lost sector, run back and kill the ogres again.

Finally, you need 25 medals "Blood for Blood" or "Best Cold Dish." This requires either killing an enemy who recently killed a teammate, or killing an enemy who recently killed you.

Step 8: Drifter

Yeah. Him again.

fate 2 last word draw quest there will be no time

Step 9: Talk

Complete this mission by defeating your enemies. Please note that Attrition modifier is active, so the only way to replenish your health is to collect small holes of light.

In the end, there will be sections of the mission, where the player must stand on the plate, and enemies will appear in front of them. After the plate has attacked, players can capture the “virtual Last Word”. Then wait until each enemy gets his weapon (this may seem familiar), shoot your weapon and continue. The boss works the same.

After completing the mission, players will now have the final word in the inventory. Return to the Drifter to gain knowledge and possibly clues in the direction of Thorn, who is likely to be the next quest with an exotic weapon on the way.

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